the "dream"s in your lap, (warning) it wont stop growing....

have been stickin hard to the plan
be honest,
dont wish for (too much) stupid shit....

living the dream in a dream

this "dream"s been living in our laps far too long,
it wont stop growing....
sit with a growing boulder in your lap, it will crush you,
place it on the ground next to you,
water it, sand it and polish it, roll it n rock with it, love it like family,
build your legacy around it,
channel Inuit
build the biggest fire you can gather fuel for,
then light it
as a beacon....


the wait is crushing......

great to lay in wait but i don't have to like it
benches to build, bees to put to work

give me a wide driveway please to the path of least Resistance
we dream big, push hard n, mold our own exitstance

pay top dollars for time, pieces of minds, n manual labor
play again woods worded Jedi, man 3rd eyes,  n dawn sight sabers

this millineum the falcons talkin change again, same chin, same fin, n not to mention that same sharkly grin... so i take to my metaphors and simolies again tryin hard not to push buttons..
the molds been broken so we might as well fix it, replicate, manifist it, funk n logistics are all that stand between man's freedom and the machine.
so we dream, but big!
hail Odin! hail Frig!
touched by hands of higher ones, seeds hit the grounds
sensitive to sights n sensitive to the sounds
of life passing by........


tilt horn your horn as Thor did n try to drink the sea again.......

ahhh slips into the abyss again,
sirius b smooth skin n colder water consuming only fumes, fumes...
listen, again my friend, the goats are whispering...
"there's gold down there"
pain and anguish bare wear ta
new days and better ways,
harder spirits. hear it?
back to the woods roots for the good,
these boots've slid plastic slopes in with the pure clean hopes
n elegantly the dream unravels
strapped with travels n gear knowledge n broke saddles
displaced water on canoes..... then he paddles
more souls, same goals n goats in plain sight
R1 sheer will n faith to press on through this night
time is our time.
bring burn to the face of the sun,
cool it off, put it on a hook now ewe press rerun rerun rerun rerun rerun rerun........


fire in the morning.......

ahhhh the life tides,
ebb goes out and flow comes in. never stop. we grow up so to shall my writing
winter has been a bear this year.  tons of snow, ice, wind, and very cold.
spring eqinox is nearing, the clan welcomes the coming warm and relishes the time left with snow.
bleaching all maple gear is on the plate this week, this is looking to be a record maple year and we are
time for "tappin and sappin!" as mommy says :-)  just finished last quart of syrup from last years haul of 3.5 gallons.  the stash proved to be an awesome and healthy supplement for sugar.
thinkin last of the winter storms may finally have ran its course.  we sittin deep with about 3 foot snowpack and already half into march so this will indeed be a muddy break up year.  happy water table for the year!
we have seen lots of robins, and ducks / geese back around the lake, but the ice is still farrrrr from broken up.
time lapse 1 week
got another 14 inches of snow and we lookin at bust of a maple syrup year :-(
clan shall learn to be beekeepers.  need sustainable sugar.
this blog will lapse and i will start another...


i am but one sirius , this b my confession......... i bought the yule mule i road in on....

i have found the root,
the root of my dis compassion for lazy, for greedy, for selfish
these are my distractions, and i buy them now.
i have acted lazy, greedy, and selfish
these are faulty coping mechanisms and make my heart impure
stack these on a pyre and light it.

i am assembling a machine this life,
I've been wayward.
paddling through doldrums, searching, i am back.
i am back, reigning again over a dream.

i don't want my daughter to find a man just like me,
i want my daughter to find a better man than me.
i don't want my sons to find women just like their mother,
i want my sons to find women better than there mother.

i pray to wake a better version of me each day.....
model a future version of the future......


hallelujah! this time we get down....

the norm is a powerful force
water does the same thing for millions of years,
it carves grand canyons,
moves sand n slices rocks.
i am not water, only part.
but i flow,
towards the down.
toward something manifested by good and righteous dreams,
toward something not unknown or unsealable, just dream able.

toward a constant alpha state,
towards the down.......


in and out of conflict,
in and out of the cheese,
in and out of the deer house........


theres a whole lot of "stuff" that goes along with any good trek or mission,
simple things crucial to summit get overlooked.
go great goal getting, but bring your towel..........


Venison again!!

opportunity meets preparation
2013 rifle buck NH


my peace........

old man north's frigid breath pours over the land again,
cold crawls low cross floors n valleys,
leaves dawn icy armor, as soldiers they safegaurd silence
at the ready, orders to crunch first and ask no questions,
a hunters enemy and savior in the thick north woods.........

today, this is my peace.......


mama's star climbs the ladder again..............

time to shine brighter yet,
plans n bets on table, risk board set.....
dice are hot this time of year, she rolls hard.
potential for Ascension resonates.....
future laid bare for her hands,
it waits as clear pool for a stones cast.....
toe tipples send small ripples edge to edge,
spheres of influence bump n grind away the surface tension.......
the queen, prepping for stepping,
tepid waters bring comfy bones, fat stashes, warm natural tones........
ahhh wherever mine mind roams....
love and peace for all,
rise and never fall...........


lasting days of 34 on the full moon rest

sirius pours a glass o past acts n artifacts, sits back
sweet life rolls along the river, love family and friends, tributaries,
growing volume, speed n depth the best get swept up with the rest
the quest for large tides n great white rides, these are gravity's gifts,
patiently waiting as fish.
angels and demons play cards on coral
toss lost gold n sand dollars atop the pot
sometimes i sit with them, not to play, but to study, watch the poker faces......


yes, sentences are still running on..............

grab this reign,
lay leather to steed,
breathe easy,
dont bite the bit, harness wits, a master sits, passes grass with a goat,
back n fourth of july,
man does time, n flies have their way with the leftovers....

flex the soular band, this house is a catapult,  climb aboard,  prepare to up unweight again.
at the crests heavy things get light, i will move mountains...

faintly the beat thumps back, drums ears come road runnin logik over the pick up note, one drops, two follows, three trys triplets, n four?,  4 packs the pick up notes around...


wakes n sails n scurvy dog tales......

its wild out
shadows n shady figures lurk the corners, so live,
be bright, light as lithium, power, LED
focus chi n bring it with,
travel wise, sail swift,
trails through the darkest rifts are best guided by teachers
the soap box preachers get lost on late night shows where laugh lists n laugh lasts roll past as white caps n troughs, arrr a pirate's golden go to,
ride the bow n row as viking through doldrums...


sirius b the breakfast......

cast clean iron to fire,
only flashin half the cash n takin dirty to the laundry,
sirius b the fat chicks egg whites n skinny mans jimmy deans.
streak free plates awate silver spooned dreams
chewin the new, i watch treelines close,
life moves its host, muses most to love or leave.
keep chiseling flat spots off the wheel n feel with all ya got,
crack the whip n drive team on,
trails need broken or the pack cant pass,
be as lead dog, let em smell that ass........


Adenosine Triphosphate, and Qi gong......

mutiny begets a rumreefless captain's crew,
reflect daily, prey as kat man do
upon Qi gong this engines running strong
so long sat n thought deep these connections speak clear
each year with practice n patience, the harness updates, the adenosine's triphosesfate,
hands shake and its done
guess their comin for the guns, gonna feel up our helixez, try n get the toilets on runs,
pile up the rolling papers apply pressure n write about it
stash beans n rice about it
play each day like the last
worship the sun.........


no need for hardhat with a head like this one

they hired me from home to bang some atoms off my dome and create some nuclear fission.  
which is good my brothers cuz i dont work well with others and when the genie said wish one
i replied with a splinter in my third eye that i needed a more compatible 2nd edition
my fishin pole is broken as you can tell with whats spoken rokin good stuff on a mission
to build an addition that wont crumble when the earth it starts to rumble 
and i fumble through my thesaurus cuz i dont wanna come across porous 
all borises are spies i learned i weeded through the lies i yearned to see the friggin skies
and burned a dime sized hole through my hat thinkin try n imagine that, lincoln...

im stinkin up my keyboard this morning.  and noone heeded the warnings.
 formin fangs as they backed me into the corner this place can only get so much warmer
before it burns...


im feelin much better as i compose to the world this letter 
i hope im gettin points across the field and peggin the bullseye of how i feel
cuz i dont even know at this point...
im shootin blind into the sun and wind and if sublime be a blunderment
so be it.  i had and i lost and i never payed the cost and this b my punishment
to be blount if  this joint sad to say though it may last all day it was meant to burn alone
but puffin away i remain like a mostly sick train that will WILL make it home
whether it thinks it can or not.....


luck happens where preperation meets oppurtunity.........

carve peace from chaos,
sail on and off course,
endorse an underdog....
hound n hare run on through this night, pushing limits of smell sound taste n sight.
past comfort zones the razors edge weights, carves through jungle n exposes shaved fates.
masses marchn n gathern piped pipesters, drum circle it up n chant for changed diapers,
so line up ta count down from 3...2.....1, finding our lucks on times already begun...........


I'm an earth alien......sent here 2 luv U...........

lettuce keep buildin salad towers,
secure dynamic lines from me to you,
stretch dont snap, shake dont crumble,
love to watch ya sway, but dont tumble.
big change comin again for the dollar,
mama you the scholar.
sirius b but three halves prophet n part 13th disciple
the hard work comes in cycles n full throttle bitefuls
i stand to chew n think, refresh the map,
adjust the scale n lets drink, be merry, climb higher!
but dont disturb the fuses when we're stoking up our fire.......


tertium quid....

always surface tension turgor pressure run the miniscus over the edge or spread like dawn soap in the wounds babes in the whombs soon be hooved n hear the floor boards ll creek with yet another set of tiny lil feets a balance we speak of speechless we can just teach n lead by example smiling n loving the wrinkles they can cause in time and we're in it just swim steady strokes dont jump out the pool to run youll slip lands slick lifes quik ta fix loose fins hear terra firma quakes with glee cuz see we are the  combo platter stacked masses o matter earths best n their quest for elements ziplocked punctuation free.......


this life sublime......

if ya dont want to walk down the stairs, slide on the rails, details are crucial while gettin from here to there. this flesh is finite. slow smoked n overspoken. perhaps a laps around the fields n reorder the firsts to better last this test of time.........


brightness of lightness n starkness of darkness......

sirius b moving the leaves n routing rounds for somethin to write about....
the herd moves left and right, the pressure drops, another storm bruin
find some softwoods, settle in covered with needles,
stay dry, stay on the high, n ground out damps.
but encamped on cliffs be the high goat's hooves
leaping boulder to boulder shouldering the wind n rain, no pain no grain..

the goats eyes are gold. but instead of pupils, just holes, leads into and back out of light
n times is just the steps we climb, between the library and the darkness.........


night sweats........

arise, when eyes r blind,  reach out into the darkness feel for the light peel back the layers of fear let yourself fall into the night air take flight clear these cities n towns below n rest quietly bunz n ovens silently gestate while this pi rate dreamscapes he creates a map unseen by many n understood by few chosen hooves n on it theres at least one righteous route through deaths filter feeders clutches n such is the weight in line n its heavy............


stack up yer answers, i'll divine the questions to fit.......

perfect tailored tales for riding brain rails, wrappin wind with sails, strayin cats from trails off only ta find....feather dresses.  power chants, echos bounce canyon walls, a brave's rants, raves, n will, resonate the ground hear.  neath this soil pure rock's being is cut, polished, n prepped 4 next steps n nameless new ta summits all up n find that answers are but questions reflections. sew seeds, sling shit at tossers n follow that goat............


i know im makin dusty messes when i can see better WITHOUT my glasses

its hard to exume calm right now cuz cuz im all fired up
i desire some exuberance n buzz up n fire lady luck
but that aint why im here today.  i feel i owe everyone i love an apology.
so here goes i dont wanna go slow n come across groggy
 gotta  get across my point n for once not do it wrongly.
ive wronged thee.  and im sorry.  
not makin excuses but this blog is but abuses not taken out 
& i know ive rubbed you all so wrong theres no doubt
& "i love i love i love" i shout even though i got no mouth
& this fukn lorax character can be ruthless n this is the only time he comes out.
thats why my name goes nowhere near this mess.
& if it seems like ranting bitching biting balled up stress
its because thats all it is.  & i need it, jess.  yes 
i dropped a proper noun a monicher somebody uses 
but this is anonanonimity so first names be useless.
im gonna sign mine at the bottom of this page
cuz this is not weaseL e. toRn speaking or the lorax rappin rage
this is Shayne Allen Chamberlin Lawton for the first time on stage

"its so hard being me" cries the whole world unanimously
just wanna let u know i love u all.  peace.  family


Exude Calm..........

do this, n they all just march along......
oblate shpheres of interest
quests for fancy penmantrics
birth nothing but itch n urgency
demand precision measurements
exact endeavorments
environmental awaredence
a goatless approach to the mothership.......


the full moon approaches...........

Orion hunts high, the chill nears, ears are fall deaf,
a wood splitters wishes of softer dishes run dry wells before the whiskey
so sirius treads briskly toward the sun, another hunts begun
before the days done, stag stick n string shall again unite as one
beings sustain the weight of rain n shine for the youth
my sons and daughters learn from yer roots,
choose painest free routes n climb on through my time here
seismic endeavors care not of weather patterns n permits for war paint
cold rain lays hate to brow n brother, my head bows to bow,
just know that no goatly deed goes unnoticed
hard work and extreme focus be thankless n the meat ll choke us,
postharvest, we gather n feed n feed the hordes whats left basically bare bones
Hoyt yaah hooo!! a return to venisence.....


theyre on my trail its a slow speed pursuit from the moment i turned tail
im like a 110 year old sea turtle tryin to outrun a killer whale
hopefully he will ignite   {poof} 
thatd be i deal so i can get home to my wife 
& put up with the schpeel

thats the thing about stealin a 15 year old 4 cyl pickup

i cant get away quick enough

drive it like ya stole it.......

this life is binary,
I and Me, n we dont achieve unless moving in sync
beats lay deep in this speakers rib cage,
page after page manifest between his ears rests,
driver of this stolen ride, wearer of this begattin hide
mine eyez pry deep inside n I find truth,
defyz or devise the science, I ignite, poof ..
drag back fact and present the proof
mine hooves r makin moves toward gas pedals
I'll swerve until my tummy settles up with the goats
play off hopes of safety nets, drink n place bets
on the fullest airbagz, head rests n safety tagz,
pad nest with high arrrgh factor its the equinox
pausing the tapes just listen, animus vox..........


strike 2

this slippy slugger writes in blue n the pitchers greased up fastball just friggin slipped on through
the hole in my bat.  n the emblem on my hat shows that although i got a crew i am my own team.  
the n'hampsha truffulas....
we' wicked fackin smaaaht aint we doooode.....
especially after that incident in alaska when i was workin the handy man jack n let go of the handle by accident n got clacked smack dab in the noodle it was a smashing hit.  n im still paying for it
hey at least i have an excuse what up with the rest of the world??!!??
speaking of excuses i have the ultimate one ive never heard better:
i was conceived on a mushroom trip.
& believe me i use it.


The Beat loops in a figure 8

& so far this flying thing is goin great & hate took the week off & so all 6'1/4" of me sits down to create
elate with me, sirius b, i know i aint always there for thee but its been a hella long summer n ive gotten a shitload accomplished, see.  
& as long as theres nowhere to run it makes no sense to flee.
gee. life can get hornery.  & personally i dont understand the need to fight cuz i got no enemy.  
i could if i wanted but but my waste baskets all haunted with shitheads not caught up in my memory.
its september see & as long as i can finish my insullation, drywall, woodstove, firewood, paint, flooring & electricity, i should be able to winter in my sweet new floorspace.  & if not i may need to rent a joint for me n my wife 2 kids 2 dogs 2 cats n o my all our shit too.  
a bit left to do.  but the clan sticks to the plan & theyre holdin up quite well
the extended greater part is lettin shit fly all to hell but its all about this subspecies under this roof
the rest (except the reeses) can go pound a thousand proof
& wake up all fucked-headed & realize the truth
that its all been a spoof.  the great builders they all thought they were let their structure fly a whole mile above the earth on a poor foundation.  & its crumbling.  im mumbling through my keyboard sos to not piss anyone off cuz if the world could hear my thoughts tonight theyd probly 
i dunno.  shake their heads maybe.  maybe tell their kids not to do drugs.  probly more like not understand
& carry on bumbling through life fulfilling peoples master plan.
i fanned on this one but ill get another chance & ill take it & not break it & not adjust my stance
strike 1


let the beat loop, gotta go to work........

perk testing wellest wishes, drinkable dishes,
swim as fishez through this mainstream malishiousssssnessss
where suspicious figures er commitin young triggers
today, its to the polls!! got goals, n the captn knows reefs don't funk around,
his crewz not Babylon bound, or pawnz unplayed,
its en passant ..... that pirates arghh gettin paid
mind fukers, tummy tukers, chip flossing pricksters, n trustafarian hipsters
the spokes are broke its a wrench tossing parade
these politico gangsters think they've got it made
something badder than we, sit with chi, wheepin we blaze arrows pierce hide, peel out whats inside, and sustain ..
my brain moves left, right, day, night, stare into the light... n youll want a spectrophotmeter too ... who knowz its knives ta meat  ta bones ta bite n for the goats sake, never "cant wait"  .... just write....
simple twists, a citrus side dish @, twilight
leavin at midnight the hunts open n just as dawns doors open ta lettuce sea alpha centauri ..
sirius b one with the the chi,
i be .. just one man,   .. just one plan,
to scan closer looks, cast sharper hooks...
my bow is compound, i place my myself where I'm found,
I am, You are, shouldnt be so hard hard n is this guitar plugged in?
word.... he be the butcher of verbs
eyelashes block sand n reverb, spoken word unites ...


live fast, drive faster.....

I'm just a spark,
my heart beats or doesn't,
my visions come and go.

to be caught or remain unseen,
be witnessed or get away clean,

drive man drive, and slow for no man,
bandits stand n pick plans to pieces at crosswalks,
so when opportunity knocks, pocket coins n pitch rocks
wishing wells watch most waves go rogue,
so get toe to toe with event horizon n vault that fence,
save two pence for the ferryman n don't look back.........


weapons of choice...

take aim, steady, steady, fire!
emulsify this guy, maybe his words'll spread better,
wetter inks what he needs, his pen bleeds fast,
outlast dark as stars,  place word to track, walk hard
this empire will strike back, dont pawn light sabers,
at dusk, he dawns, layers upon layers of industrial funk.
n while ewe sleep,
sirius pushes posts deep into record sized grooves
weighs watches n logs details, plots another move...........



inside an electric blue hour glass,
sand slips past, falling away to then.
with a zen twist, the poles shift, n all grains gather ta sit,
each peers into this newly formed rift,
stars are born where space times' torn,

expand your view to include the new new.

youth is the future, so dance monkey dance,
take a chance n witness self,
spin tops off shelves onto bigger planes,
fewer walls to bounce'll leviate the pains
from just spinning..........................


shift gears now or risk the transmission......

Mush! mother fuker, Mush!!!!!!!
iced beard n eyes teared his dream team breaks trail, romancing the grail,
they push through dawn n run on, as comets into the cosmos.
bringin water to dry places,
keepin smiles on little faces,
its onward still @ blazing paces.
saving grace,
leaping faith,
standing face to face with a future race whos foreign tongue gets shit done half time,
stack dimes edge 2 edge,
pitch your wedge n pole vault past the hedge funders blunders,
keep empathy under reign and umbrella or it will get spongy, bob...

the goats've spoke of yet another bigger better boat,
so im sailing around ebay searchin for ipe ta kill my saw,
err, what ive seen on these high seas, arrrghh a pirates life for me.............


resurrecting an inner mc, this is sirius..........b

potential energy,
paddin the penergy,
synergize then youll see,
this is our grind,
paper to pulp, wheat to flower, bean to brew, quartz to power
hour by hour stay n wait in line, balance the books only to find
back to the woods, we know its the medicine, tribe up slide down, doors wide let us in...


dare to dream, its all good...............

let the lids down n transpose,
form thoughts to doors, sever cords,
get lost in translate,
rip through substrate,
plant your answers...

pic yer part n pass art till nuns r left,
preach pastor, speak yer heart till the sunz left
rising from the ashes,
she shakes it,
reflects on the burn n turns to fly again.....

this rivers been reformed, bank no more.
big storms tore through n laid new land,
the goats right hand doesn't waiver,
it be hooves, fears not, n molds rocks at will.
overfills some cups, n pours whats left down hill,
into a garden of souls,
its growth ebbs n flows to the beat,
bear through the bitters n push on till the sweets,
then harvest............


keep the volume cranked, it'll come back around....

winter time in rikity three level ranch with a loose stove pipe  new grey house alarmed on a hill  garage on side shanty in glenn  camping in the winter collaterally damaged gear to heavy to carry ridin scored board in deep snow super windy trapper on the trail teaching survival flying an ultra light or helicopter taking off with the choke on then banking hard left cracked houses n pimp limps always late for the ship round terminals and deep cold water white caps n the wine of winches combo of the flatirons the bluff and loon before it was rounded killer bear  behind a rock wall apples dirt road always forgettin the bullets eruption / round blue and purple flash both here and up there at same time a complex on rocky river with wall of windows rectangular with stairs on right  morning memories of dreamz from last night................


distinct Instincts, enter the rink..........

fighters like to fight, crack knuckles n chuckle when hit,
all stand, no sit, a work horse chomps at that bit, jumps the whip n pulls, all heart,
love for a driver calms side seater's nerves
cheetahs need the speed, fuck brakes just swerve
bob as space bar, weave as eyes on lines, sting as man o war, n fly,
fly for fun........


googles on board, thought search enabled......

implant tiny speaker to earlobe,
trade a tooth for a mic,
install thought processor,
tonuge tip the net over,
wii taste wikipedia.....
dispatching googlebots, an Orwellian scene.
crawlin out with dirty questions, n draggin facts back squeaky clean.
walkin round rockin sound knowledge, a cleaner greener college.
a machine sits n shreds all the pints of fine prints
finds all the points bullitens, makes sure they're never sent
nature lives wear the mulches meet the grass,
sow n ask not what your garden can do for ewe, but what ewe can do for your garden.
this b sirius, I mine for finer verbage.
come sit n, fill yer chalice, pass some time n pass the herbage.............


golden toothz r still chewin under my two hooves.......

deep into the hills we go,
where water knows, a sleuce box flows,
funk is smooth like glass.
the masters of placer sit siftin through trash,
a cast of frantic attempters to pry herbs from ash,
this to shall come then pass, n thus the laugher of the last is willed to have the final vote
push back against the rope n reel, feel this thread, unload.......


the goats graze shade when the heat comes...

whos' king of this swinger zoo, wheres the jungle VIP?
count fingers n twiddle sums a while youll see,
siesta style lay back a bit n let er pass
before tryn ta write too fast
cast a line n tie it to yer toe then just let the imagination go full throttle
n apply liberally says so right on the bottle
of rum
just had the label covered with my thumb......


team Tonka has its orders.........

Excavate the treeline,
dont quit diggin till the ditch stops itchin,
theres always somethin at the bottom, feeders n heavy metal breeders, fillin fish fins wit shit that wins the race for a half life every time guaranteed. so why not bet on it @ www.liberateafishtoday.theradioactiveway.com donate the winnings primarily as shark fin soup n serve it up on headline news
still dreamin of venison, menacin tourists,n feastin on the fall line, keepin spine right n up on the signs of the times.......


sit and speak with me, Calliope.........

if ewe so choose to use the fluff between yer ears,
its all about the muse.
waiting for Calliope, pen brandished, pad drawn, dawn of a new day.
the silver dew n dew nots' have their ways with the morning's green blade parade.
another nocturnal charade draws to a close, where hunter's hopes n prey's prayers yield, into the light.
here, Sirius sits, sifting through roots,
panning for placer flakes n fruit filled truths,
calculating bites seizable, if he was actually blue toothed.
for now, the range of bite is set at right about arms reach.
but sirius plans to make it more than figures of this Grid Free speak.......


heavy weights waiting for green lights.....ta fight!

the outboards running full throttle, its bolted to the dock.
just to make waves, clear channels, n irritate the flock.
don't stop chewin if yer foots in a snare, its the code.
stay on the road n keep pumpin full flavor, type bold
chisel yer nitch, grab hold of the market, n feel that pendulum drop
both arms to the sky roller coaster do or die cant stop
go on and vomit, we're funkin on it, we toss mops n swab the deck
this ships rigged for wet n stormy treks through Grid Free seas, set ta
bring Tech back to all the nologies at my LLC..........


n its still coming down

one drip at a time til the ground cant take no more o this n the whole world will look like my back yard bayou...
now you know its mr loraxalot spittin wit & chewin chutters best n even tho the ground is far below you know hes  gonna bust up out this nest... n whether the worlds are aligned in time with his mind or not hes gonna throw down his best...  once he finds it.......even though his name aint in the"who" box to to the right ---------->
hes gonna unleash this shit on the world n hes gonna do it tonight...well, he might...
theres about 15 o these posts sitting in the edit page n i like to play around with em give em humor add some rage...  cuz its better than taking things out on the ones that he loves thats the only thing dad tought him is how to do it without gloves......hes like put up yer dukes.... im like i got no fuckin dukes old man...
but hey who cares that crap is in the past we are good buddies now i just had to knock him on his ass...
i didnt want to.  but he asked n asked n asked til i blessed the soft spot on the top of his head with a downward knuckle blast...i thank the guy every chance i get for turning me into who i am    is not him     n is no pet...
he taught me exactly how to not treat people he taught me how to forget...........


skies supplied lightend ings, n thunder boomed....

water tables full now, droughts down stream.
everything green knows this drill,
squeeze the earthen sponge n mass produce the chlorophyll
time stands still as Alice downs her pill n peers down that rabbit's hole
witch weighed the weather n said its already sold,
truth told, this story's old, stanks of mold, Cheshire cat shit and Britannica
god bless America! pass the hotter than sauce and satanica
the plan, its a solid one, two buns and a burger
fused by the merger
mind, body, soul, n sneakers.
we need bigger speakers a whopper and a keg o rum.
run this debt up n down like the g forced gyro's thumb...........


just like old lo wax to jump back in at 101

his left hand is twistin beards up n the other ones at 1
its all crystalline outside today this is when this driving thing is fun
hes all bustin a lung all over the dashboard with a song thats never been sung
& the lastword spirals off his tongue like a top that just got spun

now his right hands still at 1 while his left rests on that cross thingy
hes slumpin like some mud now & hes thinkin too hard & his feet are stinky
gotta downshift to fifth wake up wipers up lights on seatbelt check o yeah right im driving 
that was a crazy dream man all i got left to battle is the notch n then ill be arriving

hes got his left hand at 11:45 n the other one at 1:30
the notch is squeezing the clouds dry onto his windshield all dirty
this truck needed a bath bad but its making these here roads all sqirrely
hes grippin tight & his fingers are going white cuz not necessarily early
but hes gotta get home at some point tonight

the left hands now at 10 & hes got his right hand up on the headrest
of the passenger seat its straightening  his back out see n man how hed love to move his feet
its the home stretch homie speed a little bit but take it slowly sweet family awaits 


give thanks to the goats, its the 100th post!!!!

bottles of rum on the wall,
pennies are finding their dollar,
birthdays for an Oreo,
anniversaries at Fenway,
years in a century,

good news falls on these two feets in this and the coming weeks,
hear the goats speak codes drive dark roads and illuminate the shadows, find shoes and pick yer battles foreground cuz your town drowns if the vests not tight, blaze on through the night, take three lefts if need be, just make it right.
this vision lingers long enough ta seed yer inner deja
so just shake shake shake whatcha momma gave ya...........


push forward, never pull........

thinking at high speeds duck down, cuz all wills bow to the bow shock.
yer welcome to use mine but better gas mileage ta stay real close n talk to the goats regular.
thinkin in yer sleep,  the mind can double its range.
recognizing where you're dreamingz  key to the communicade
free flow between conscious and unconscious deals yieldn fields n streams of raw datum
we're all scientists, walking alchemists, shamans n stacked atoms
to be, or not to be overthrown as, emperors, third base, seeds n fists.....


the tao de sirius b.....

first light broke,
the mind tied in,
top ropes fell from atop life's cliffs again,
ores strapped down coat zipped, i climb like vines, n stay tight lipped,
coil every line on board,
embrace the earthen floor
and embark, whirled tour.
keeping the teachable truths on deck, n the quasi qualable ones under the boards
a pirate learns to flip the eye patch before thinking back n forth
ta try n separate some of the loves from all these wars,
alas, collision is beauty, left and right were fused,
n once past that event horizon, magics freely used
the siriusphere can be stretched, directed, tortured.
 n when both nails and mortar eventually fail to keep their shit together?....
the lions will run these planes


let the record skip, we'll just keep bustin movez.........

its a heartbeat and high pitched screech
that the most Sirius of atoms bounce to while riding these feet.
like roots the sound of life pushes through, the medium yields gladly, they dance.
lip locked, and jettisoned into the dark,
their double helixd like vapor trails leadin write onto the arc.
sparks fly as we pinball through the thickest of trees,
n part of fixin flaws is scraping up yer hands and knees
so please bear with a lion a while n keep sharing cave
we're pavin roads for the cubs baby, we've got it made.
when times are tough n thorns get thick as thieves
remember the earth gives ground so long as yer pullin through the weeds
so keep the glow but leave half the blows above the belt
n check that sensors r set to cool or interests bound to melt.....


yella bellied words n forks, maybe ewe should choose this time.......

the power of suggestion, a bit o ambiance, a few orange words let this canscience have a chance ta smooth my hooves on this 80 grit track im runnin dreamed up races and want the title back ahh king of the coupe devile topless n hairless just blowin in the wind orange painted skin n botox tainted chins rockin the front lines n payin the highest of fines dining to get into this club first cuz this djs tryn ta out spin the earth......


the engineers' between these ears.............

hold the clutch to the floorboard n letters coast through, stay tuned to the new n wade, bare feet feelin first, keep feedin yer unquenchable thirsts, cuz it'll be small bursts of light that pierce first, part the night n allow sight of at least a bumpersticker here and there, so offer prayer n tryn tell the bad dogs its not just hair they're leavin on the sofas. 
its safe to let the clutch out.
the tracks are beings laid straight for as far as these eyes see
and the new routines rollin off the press stressfree.
day one with Artemis back on the trail ta heal the ailed
this papa lion tailed by the 2 cubs now ooohhhhh soooo proud to be.
the rider of these paws, bears n all to get these flaws write
so happens yer ears can here tonight...


ode to the sentence scramblerz...........

the back talkin word n woods amblers, clamouring through the trees n tickling keys, in search of today's mindful freez. weaving these truthz on loomz so smooth that even the emperor cant help but groove, so move these mountains or hike over em n hold to the creed, pads ta feed n pens ta bleed so please just read on.....


the battle between smoke and wind rages on......

keep pushin pawns, beheading bishops n cookin the rooks books,
sirius b rockin that hook, hiking up the queens skirt to get a better look,
took time finding a good seat,
to watch the wind advance and to see the smoke retreat,
but now the smells bitter sweet n the taste is so much better
gettin greater oxygen exchange, even in the colder weather
so tie that tether, walk hard sir lorax! n when the nic attacks,
give em no slack, just thank yerself for all the minutes given back.


hardest goddam thing hes ever done....take 1000....& action!

we all know its best to stick to the ridges, to high ground
& attempt to drown into our own old gooves that soothes
as it oh so mellowly flows down
here where life seems so simple
where the one whos callin the shots
is the one here holdin the pencil

& when hes done he heads outdoors for a ciggy smokebreak
& 2/3 of the way through it hes craving another, brother
undoing all that hard work that got him here watch his back break
as he reaches into his pocket in his jacket to pull out that comforting packet
& fills his tiny universe with smoke. life seems so simple down here.
just dont smoke right? "the cravings only last 3 to 5 minutes"
we all know they last a lifetime.


got my wicket zippered so pass me......

today im an ice crystal outside grinding,
tossed through the clouds on winds whims, finding
time to join the stack of particles on these northeastern slopes,
ahh the Great White hopes for all the fast cash,
but waitin in the squal line the melt laughs last.
sit n hear sirius preach about past rash thoughts,
wars fought n forgot not, disasters bought n sold,
ahhh but the days of old, sellin fools gold for food stamps n stickin the traitors into work camps have come n gone, n long time runners are far and few,
most are just shaggin trees n bandwidth, so stand quick sand cuz the glass has been flipped, we're layin down skis n whippin out swix.........


four universes and a canine black hole under one roof.........

the great goats have tipped the grail once more!
poured out two more feets to tour these wooden floors n those concrete streets
so houres devores for all my peeps n let that ball drop
cuz this year clearly stops not for man myth or machine,
lean back, dont step on the quacks, n duck when that ship comes back to sort out things like country musics and politics,
be careful cuz that shit sticks, so tread light,
tryn hold back that urge to fight or flight, the daze and react
to the two satelites map of the sun, or the two mappin the moon's fields,
hell, this is why vikings fight with shields and burn churches,
raise the perches, and if the sea level keeps rising,
just put a diaper on..........


live from n'hampshah state on this, the day after yesterday

im feelin ahtistic with my no'theastahn linguistics
& my pencil shahpenah at the ready my steady
hands are smearin the draftboard with lipstick
wishin this notion would just come out in full sentences
instead of this emotionless instances of queezy quazi brilliances
im filled with this.
what im tryin to say is
im feelin ahtistic this mornin & im somewhere up on the spectrum
they wanna poke & prod me rodney but id really rather not let them
im a little bit afraid of the results & the inevitable chain reaction to catapults
this adult into their "little off to the left" ward where i will sit at the sill & sulk
& remember things that may or may not have happened
im flappin. when im supposed to b rappin
betterin the world with each grenade hurled
bang what the hell just happened
i musta concussed my own ass with that last un


live now, its still the day before tomorrow.............

keep watchin the old dogs if ya wanna learn new tricks,
they teach us how to grow old, stash bones, n how to itch ticks.
take yer licks n get back on,
giddy yer ass up if that mules' long gone.
& if ya cant, well then then duty calls,
shed this town n scale these walls.
this is why 2 love each n every chance ya get
focus on the positive not forget to live and let
the mind lead, cuz the legs will surely follow suit
if it causes stress n discontent then choose a better root.........


holy catts, doggg!

when i wasnt even lookin for it. i found myself a minute & im lookin forward to
makin the most of my minute amount of ticks til the till spills the floor unto.

until six seismic second hands come slappin up my wrists im makin fists

when i should be typing affixing text somethin like 50 words per
especially the really easy ones like the & a & kind & mam & fur
durrr. id dumb down the delivery just to make more sense for sure
but im scary senseless, sir, & thingys not bestest when left as they were.
they worked, sure. what was slippy? their allure was ungrippy like manure

alright thats enough word arsony. more haphazmodic alphabetic sloppery.
im adpoptin thee some infinitesimal inklings involving um unbauchery
its in the shaynglish dictionary come to my cave the monks'll scribe a copy


no need to get all profound, an average search party will do.......

just face value,
the scrambled eggs, the bills to pay,
the naked oj of your day to day.
the kids play and so does the band
the beast pumps life out from those toes to these hands, commands glands
secreten secrets n sendin out moles,
holdin shit down while the ribosome rolls
the ins the outs, ahhhh the newest tech,
the go get em greener sector always does best
sail the ship straight, navigate, n protect the family jewels
cuz pirates arrrrrr on the beaches n sharks r in the pools.......


sometimes ya gotta creep.......

the wind, still,
no drops fallin.
crawlin a hard walk ta not push waves through woods
s.b. s' creepin like hes robin in the hood
so whats good go getter where the cheese at
lets pass this port cuz they might seize that
ya gotta deal with these deer, with their locked antlers, n ailments,
with sails meant for wind sittin frozen in n stalkin till the trails end
we keep gruntin till the hunts done.......


tyrant to manifest..........

while climbing treetops if a strong branch comes along, grab on n swing like it aint no thing, n not like Heff... im tyrant to manifest the best route, the purest shortest path unto the solid truth, shorten the time in line for my turn in the booth, cuz i need some fast cash but only a couple hundred G's, enough to turn the tide on this wild ride we got a couple mouths to feed, n i wanna breed more still shootin to fill seats, four even numbers for eight little feets, well please i know its just a dream, n im patiently waitin for lil maeyer bee! but the future gets clear when ya put down the glasses, so inhale quick while we dash past the masses.......


cord wood, stone, flesh, bone n backpacks.....

shake some moss off the rawsignals, buff burrs n shoulder those furrs trapper, its gonna be a cold one gettin old one year at a time, tip that tower o dimes n stash a match ta herb today, heal some vertebrae n watch the children play a real estate game with the cheapest of sheep possible, cuz it will cost a few meters n inches to steer this pen over these hills n ditches......


let the sentences run-on & on much like life

its never been rapped that tho the turkeys got the maps
it was our four forefathers who laid down the track. & it was decipherable!
its true one was algonquin, the other a french fur trader
the third was a noble englishman, & the irishman forgot his taters
& over the course of time their individual tracks crossed
& unbelievably a community sprang up like cashed crops
& they smashed rocks & used the smaller pieces to build up their forts
to keep eachother out so they could hunt eachother for sport
& then for just one day theyd put it all beside theyd give thier guards the day off
& let the bad guys inside. & then theyd feast.


arrrrrh, eer stands a pirate n let me sentence be a run-on.........

still leavin trail for our kids n lookin for my game tryn ta tame the top of old smoky n its covered with snow n hear the wii turkeys go for their guns n this time o year as a tom isnt much fun cuz the mayflowers act called on by voices too herdly not safe to assume n this could get wordy pilgrims saw birds first before the landfell n it was wood n word misers like ourselves that kept the herd well learnt to plant staulks Algonquin talks n Abenaki walks tracked deer n cleared lines of communication laid foundations for what b the greatest of nations so siruisly thanksforgiving us a chance cuz we try n bridge the gap all the trails are still there but the turkeys have the map..............


evening at the otter den friend & the ice is creepin in again

props to sirius b. for holdin down my place in line
its time to realign me now & set the world aside. & create some pieces of mind
i find that i sleep in the nude, out of habit, like a monk
& them funkin hunter monkeys are usin up my woods. for the next month
& so this father otter, this beast, goes nowhere this time o year
without his orange hat on, & its not just for the broncos that he holds so dear
but also a good healthy fear. yes i am afraid of the drunken huntin monkeys


morning at the bat cave n robins r squeezin their nest eggs blue.....

the goats luv a good plan n sirius b. hatchen em down in big ole batches
theres definitely a trail here just duck n groove through the thick patches
dwindle that stash o ish, learn yer politics, roadrunnerlogiks, n whatever sticks......
post it.


even russian yogis need fire, water, and a cave to shoot the breeze in.....

'Uliuiu Cherkechekh'  in  Yakutia???????????
not sure what exactly that means...
just chasing the chi, so you can blame me
get on the road runner, n never leave yer logik
lay some train tracks n bring the brain back some topix
chosen chewed n talked time well bought cuz ya see
what we've got here is failure to communicate.
ah n this primate climates all we can debates which generation gets it, toooo late
my alarm just went off its time to wake up n pass the know on, so grow on all you snoozers buttons cuz ewe sheeps aint mutton without a lil holy goat........


heres yer plunger, now dont forget to brainflush............

clear the table n lay ink to the lifepad dad
lifes shorter today than yesterday but still a bit longer than tomorrow
no need for a list of unduns so get up n beg pirate or borrow
the time to fill holes between lines, break bread, share cheese n cheap wine
is finite on this plane, sew while weeks fall like rain plant yer boots to the ground and grow.......


the beast marches on

just what are we building, hear with ears, seas crying eyes searching skies to try n find answers, clues to help choose your part, its a newvolution, a cleaner solution to start clan man's plans stand waiting for a change. baking souls are bought sold n traded for scandal free sandals spf rated for meltdown but felt back up by the mans clammy hands, n each last cent that he can rent gets back to the fed fred, n bedrocks still holdin the gold from lead conversions n said scams vans n righteous hands spreading smoke from here to and through the badlands n lightning's strikes r leaving the mindz at roadrunnerlogik not far behind the dime so go on n chime cuz times wordy this year but to damn sturdy to fall................


jack frost musta got lost.........

unscheduled snow shows n away we go!  seasons change dollars to a sense of urgency n this time o year even ewe can come and see these trees plead to "please, just set these leaves free" the weight to bears is supposed to be heavy but its not quite so for those old oaks...ya know


sirius tears... 4 legs n damn near 12 years

the best model 2000 shepherd ever made
rest well blonde bear

run jump bark bite n find fame, what a game, what a message, a true friends tail to tell. golden fur coat worn well, till it fell, helped home to the earth, shedding soul breaking forth, the eve of october 24th reports great lights from the north, a rare display sayin she was on her way n


misplaced keystones and a cooler full of masons jars

occupy this!?
isn't that what the natives were doin here to begin with?
What do ewe stand for?
askn for change only ta get tea n ten dimes hit the laundro mat standin in line needn quarters takin orders need a plan need a leg to stand on Sam, to reach this tree clan man leans heavy the ladder of technology and of course lets not forget the common mans cents cuz sans most of these dents this rocks still turnin just need to start learnin from old school fools minds and mana finds her way to the table again i guess its zen but not like a rock garden just watch as these stocks harden into blocks so pardon est moi cuz il fait tres frois kid so wheres the geothermal grid?
give us free heat and ac..... set this country free!


winters coming wood n wordmisers unite again!

settin clocks stockin socks, cord word widdlin, the epochs talk of a pact calling the lorax back
the facts point to the existence of us, n thus i do the same just exist, try n tame if not fix this plane n others n my brothers discover the true, write it up inta worddust stew serve it up line by line to the likes of EWE cheers!
cuz hears yer standing ovation a foundations all we got to give n man did that dog live!
_was a carpenter cuz so swing that estwing with tips serrated to muffle the nail's descending veil and cover it all like carhartt or channel nine so heres to the sublime nature of it all....
never give it up just pass it on like a quarterback from the liquor storage clerk


im not so sure about this 5th gear idear

i went & saw the seer. & he says
i know it's a small hill but dont forget that youre rockin your little baby four cyl
with 14 years of rompin under her belt & a slippyclutchy bounce that im sure you felt
& it was a good hand, when it was dealt.
but ye sat on it, let em check around the table & when you finallly bet too much they folded like a gable truss when that big ass pine tree came down upon it with the full effect of gravity, mabel.
maybe its fable but i feel im good & able to top that focker with my mind & finally lose my label.
i know i got a shot i just dont always shoot it im the type of player who likes to distribute it
& keep em all feelin good flying like a team & fuck the coach i think he just likes to scream

i finally got a minute to sit here & unload my mind
so here it is world, go ahead & pick it line by line
& whiteout your monitor im still feeling fine
cuz im not writing for you its part of my sublime
self medication plan all i need is time

lately i havent been able to find much. i guess that means im working thus
i get meat for dinner this winter & im pretending i dont need my crutch.
to battle my evils rhyme by rhyme im packin pencils & utensils & such.
& when i cant find a second to unleash my demon wreckage
i take it out on some poor inanimate object little lemon learned its lesson

i love a fresh foundation. fabricating smart lookin stuff, for now, is my salvation.
square up the walls with the pythagorean theorem bolt the greenboards down so hard
they scream but who can hearem? & then lay out my walls, u know 16 inches on center
& then locate my doors & windows & make my cutlist & make some splinters
just bring me some trees next time you monkeys its about the same work
to cut it to length, rip, plane it down & sand it this stick is being a jerk.
im gonna yell at it now until it obeys & if that doesnt work
it's into the burn barrel with its sappy ass & im movin back to alaska at last.
i hate it when shit dont listen. infuriates me till the vein in my forehead starts to glisten
& iffffffen i dont think about something else right now im gonna have a conniption.
how can something this frustrating be therapy? o right im supposed to go zen
& think things into place build with my mind, then & only then
can i ascend with my rising structure no need for ladder at this juncture

man do i veeeer. this one eyed bad backed carpenter could really use a beer.
crack aaah thats better pbr now in my veins & i can hear it sloshing around in there every time i move my brain the song remains the sssssaaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaa-aaame

peace to my big old doggy he was a good fart


ewe now know the new knew

this disease is nearly broken ice is startin to get wet
get set for the ready course kept steady by the know
catch the wind watch em grow ignite the engines let em go never say we told ewe so
while all the knights pawns n preachers  poach their press from the same spot
sits the kings clickity clickin  cuz they cant let the balls drop
"gods" r  jugglas,  known to love the show
a faint glow the wind blows a little push
bit o help ta burn that bush say truth till death n make the final push
strikin deals with the realest of reels pull fish tails of puffin ish n sippin grails cuz
its a quest ta find the holy one......


turning the map over hopin to find cents

backing up toy trucks tryin not to find dents
stocking up on gypsy luck ta find its only heaven sent
the word today, she says we're pure prophets,
the holy goat's ridge runners swingin from the soffets
sirius, the lorax, tallking, the essence of ish, n the woods.
its a staged change of things
rising to the age of things
gettin into range of things r rowdy kinda cloudy like my clam chowdy dude each of us are givin grits n gifts ta lift to twist the top twizzlers wrist lean on back n throw those 2 fists to the air like king kong proud to know proud to top rope n write the wrong....


ahhhh, gills again, i'll keep streaming life, fish do fish.....

free type.... a flight between ears,
squinted eyes n dried windblown tears,
steer the past, clear the cache, bat that lash and keep walking,
keep dis corn stalking, cuz dis soul was born talking 2me.

a cool breath, autumn air, falling fan fair, leaves beware, mowers n blowers over every shoulder, gettin older, not knowin when we gotta go n so i hope ya told her......Love,


gaea please, ten years from tomorrow i just wanna be

ah this system
break dancin em down just ta fix em
ewe, romance that crown n wisdom be the victim
spin gears waste years n gaea polar shift dem
plates'll stay full of the hot ragga beast
keepin to the truth n tryn practice what i preach n
pardon cuz its each and everyone gotta tongue gotta pen
so get up cuz! its time to go to work again!
askin whatcha know about
askin that ya shout it out
quiet but its a calling out crawlin out twin towers still bleedin
at least from these keys n no treason
cuz im a patriot

my bloods red
never fly white flagz
skys blue so bless you

remember that september


the world, the word, the walk, the way, and the will be

theres' a whirlwind blowin on out there,
grabs some of us earlier than others, picks us up, spins us round,
shows us the world, the word, the walk, the way, and the will be.

elevated n out the nest we try n find love, truth, and then some,

i'm just yer modern day sooth sayer livin in my oracle,
not yer everyday truth slayer thats known to be rhetorical
a line of wii disciples, insightless, and droppin pieces
fightin to keep their eyes closed n fleein from the beaches
need to keep being _ ...
needin to keep from being _...
keep being patient, earth is 4.4 billion years old... it  takes time to make good dirt
keep from being naive, the universe is 13.7 billion years old
keep being happy, better be thinkin and doin as you like
keep from being bored, learn something new
keep being aware, technology is reinventing consciousness...constantly
keep from being left behind, know your roadrunnerlogik......


we live in, and between....a profound union

little pieces about me have changed, some, forever.
safely tied off with both ropes, the riggers' rather clever,
theres the static line that stays the same, doesn't stretch, wind or rain
and the dynamic line, calculafied n thoughtfully tied shorter, cut to order
can stretch, absorb twice what gravity can dish, a climbers best wish.. if yer fallin
wake up! good morning clan mankind, you've been sleeping for quite some time
its me, reality. rhyme after rhyme stackin dime after dime till these truths topple over cuz
its shoulder to shoulder we stand makin plans driving as many of those veggie powered vans as we cans n save the planet Stan! like grains of sand the tasks at hand to understands the planet stands on its own to feet and it eats red meats n births these here streets day after day n its here to stay, clay, n if i may  introduce another one of those truths tooth n nail dig roots cuz its us clan man, its us that need the saving, 4th of July flags waiving parades shaving time of the dollar so common n holler, its me reality, stuck translatein some of the voices once thought forsaken so come in, cuz its all for the kids , the past was painted chiseled out by only those who did, who do we kid, unconventional thoughts n peeps have paved these streets, have shawd these feets, have woven these here sheets have been sewn into blinds far behinds the mindz of our youth to tell ya the truths to risky cuz the cats are feelin frisky


deer's momz n dadz...........its hunting season n My family eats meat

all the rules were there, just the laws of the street.
the ultimate course, we are what we eat.
the when ya comin home?s, how long ya been gone?s,
the wonder whats to eat?s, alateens, n alanons.
morales from widowed grandmother, she told me about god, read me stories in bed,
never worry, never waivered, never got inside my head
killin skills came from over godens hill
my gramps could track anything, shoot it,  n then cut it up,
but he beat my gramz with those cancered hands but sands of time have cleaned that up...
swept down some gypsy river,  its headwaters tears, tear the plains in2
the ones that remember n ones tht havent yet been forc'ed to,  not one , yes, 2
there between youll find my folks no joke and im only warming up
coffee, tea, whiskey wine or wheat germ,sit n suggest ya pour a cup
giddeeup gonna speed it up..  the momz had me when shes just 17
not sure about what she was doin in her life then but i know her pops was mean.
the dadz 'd just returned from a mission, he was, healing the heathens
not sure how he got to know my momz but there must have been a reason cuz
he was 21 when out popped me!, heber to the city!
skipping nitty gritty life sounded kinda shitty lotta colic lotta crying lotta weird n funky styling my thoughts compiling thinkin pops was last pushin his "real" pen then, then out pops my sis
best there is
there it is life begins, off to the races.
lots of time with gramzn grampz n grandmother, then the eldest Mrs. Reese,
lost stance just a glance, the choice was made, a cup of tea.
i need know more than thus far i've found,
just who I are n where i'm to be found
I picked a trail then just started walking,
how i showed up here is just short of shocking......


i feel a storm brewin, good things, cuz the pollen needs rinsed off my ride

stew chewed n swallowed doesnt always mean its followed by the happy ending, email sending, patents pending, payments ending,
mortgage statements, hound replacement, great escapement, inlaws basements, trust misplacements, and mission statements.
these be the sharks in the seas we've all been sailing winds prevailing
sails are singing tales of games, of lives.
sittin with the good old bros
remembering n realizing just how the true story goes
countin ducks and cursing foes
tryin not to cut off fingers, tryin not to step on toes,
but why try so hard to hide these scars?
they're just my map, they are who i are.
i've given my thanks for the gifts of my life,
my patientce, my passions, my skills with a knife.
i love my wife snuggly wrapped in destiny's laps' where we find the best surf
crossin the t's, dottin the i's, teachin my kids, then leavin this earth
a bit more walked, a little love sought and a lot of love found,
keep tight on the grips cuz this rock is going round
at some 1000 miles per hour or some space in between
slows down for no man, no myth, no machine
be sure and plug the cord in if what your seekin is higher power
if living day by days' not workin then live it hour by hour............


a hammer, cold chisel & a pickaxe & a lifetime underground

chasing veins of precious head bangin heavy metals we move earth.
dirts that are worthy of the sluice box got to be hauled out by us natives.
thats the only sunshine we get to enjoy is when rugging out the paydirt
on our heads a lifetime of labor in favor of cracking the whip.
it was our choice & we made it there are already too many drill sgts.
in this world so we put our heads down like worker ants & get through another day.

breakin ground like a schematic! i take it when theres some to be got
& when not i attempt to better myself & make improvements on my tiny lot
& when i get a good chance i sit & writ it especially if it aint been wrought
& i can hardly see through the smoke & i probly oughta brew another half pot
to keep this buzz a-flyin like queen ant herself
& tip toe & stay all small & mythy like an elf
& ill whip up another half batch of cement if the weather ever gets decent
& build it rock by rock let the stones talk & set up stagin when its time for ascent.
until then im content to work at eye level & course it all up past my navel, nevel!

you cant rush stonework especially if youre trying to match God's specs
i realize He had no need for mortar, but im not omniscient dont forget
but i am a darn good guesser & lessser men definitely fret
when they see my work ethic, attn to detail & willingness to get dirty & wet!

you cant rush stonework especially if you like your toes.
you go too high in one spot in a day & well, you know how that goes
it crashes down upon theeeeeee & all thy hard work was for naught
not to mention the bumps bruises & broken appendages you got


sirius and his golden wall.......man i need a chisel?

atlas had that ball, me i been busy holden up this here golden wall and speed o think
my back hurts but i'll never let it fall too tall of a tail will leaves a trail of yer stink
to small of a tale leaves yer dreams in the sink
cuz we're both life n death and deeded sea to sea to see the missing links
lookin at a star thats too bright but its impossible to blink
fear not n tear not for well built ships dont just sink, they jog with it, n weather the storm
light yer ish in the trough back to the crest and its the norm then
BLAM! mutha truka here i am, flip flops hip hops son stops lids drop worry not cuz all i gotz love for ya!


everyones invited

come along, Collie Rita & bring your sister Flo
ole Ms. Ississippippi is sure to make it, along with her neighbors
Al Obama & Louie Sienna & George A. certainly will as long as his wife is done
washingtons of idaho what. alaska.
oh i see. shes clearing the vermonts outta Connie Cicticut's attic. makes sense.


please just emulate the greater ewes

must be  used to communicatin
in a more open and honest manor than some may preach to partake in,
suppose it can be miss takin for misplaced aggression.
but i sow n reep my transgressions,
give endless affection,
and do my funkin darnedest to take constructive direction,
especially if its comin from a better technician than I.
got nothing but time to climb,
so top roping for whatever verbavores
that don't dare walk through wide open doors comes natural,
cant help but stay matter of factual...cuz it's black or white.
greys whats left when your done dieing.
never understood the hiding,
just keep tryin to be a better man,
just stickin to the plan,
keepin the shit out the fan with my swiffer
so if yer a beggar to differer, dont. or do it on your own time
cuz we only get this one to shine.
this pirate ship sails wherever the gold be me matey
arrr and i feel the winds coming  lately
anchors have been placed on standby
till late july


breaking in my brakes til theyre broken in, then broke

well good morning world how is everyone? just fine
thanks for askin im in my livin room a-baskin no sunshine
as of yeti but im a-stayin steady heady froth my coffee's half grinds
& my brakes r broken, slippyclutchin cant get her outta second
i already lost reverse & first last week, time for new truck i reckon, im guessin
wreckin all those walruses along the coastline has put its toll upon my nissan
its either put her to rest time or get a new engine
oh little darlin, please dont shed no tears , nooo motor no fry


slightly being the key word i think

sure it makes all kinds of cents to us. just not dollars. yet.
but we just keep on pinchin pennies til our fingers turn white
& stack up our dimes til its a whole inch in height, cash em in & take flight
ascension. circlin above the earth. suspension. a full foot above the dirt.
& when we float upon some disguised obstruction
we latch upon our art with tremendous suction
& hold on tight for the ride, make sure our ropes keep taut
for our cargo is precious its waterproof cases full of thought
& when the world is ready, we shall unleash the sounds

see, i write in blue bcuz i know the hardship. & its a hard shit.
& the speedy sprinters blastin past may make us look lethargic.
but honestly we r just takin our time like turtle
we r the ancients built to last takin our time climbin hurdle.
& we will reach the finish line my friends please dont fret
& the promised land will b golden. moldy muggy warm n wet.
i have faith in the universe, & i keep it in my shoe
n i still hang the raftas cuz i hafta, just until we break on through.


as long as one can make tartar sauce, all s not lost to the fish

pioneers! carve out yer best wishes. This prairie can indeed get a little dark n scary
all wind whipped atop cliffs crouches the clan,
the precipice of man,(decipherable@least)
unleash these hounds, n
let roamin these here grounds be my purgatory,
no guts, no glory.
all i wanna to do is luv n tell this true story...
its not all decipherable though..
life...so.., maybe ill look into better interpreter classes, or try cleaning my sunglasses.. nightly
cuz i guess getting paid to type truth requires it to be all digestible or at least slightly.

as pioneers,

as pioneers, we got our gazes affixed horizon
& the blinding skies bring tears to our eyes
sizing up the stars which guides on
to the unknown, the wildlands uncharted
& the wagons r loaded & runnin great
& we got our orders to emancipate
so let us get this train started.

as pioneers, weve passed many a perfect spot
but forth we must forge, ford some freshwater fjords & whatnot
& come wintertime we will hibernate, hole up in some hollow
& hide from the howling winds & hungry wolves which follow
we're hacking roads for the masses so our track has to b decipherable
& we must log every thought, clean our rifles & teach our disciples.

as pioneers, we wanna know whats on the other side of that mountain
& the soundtrack b bumpin btween our ears, to others it may be soundin
like noise & thats it, echoing off the canyons. but to us it is legit,
our music runs wild like stallions.

as pioneers we explore even though the whole world is discovered.
its a metaphor of how we write, righting the rungs as we lumber
up the leaning ladder, we lead climb for all the others


whats songs would you put on your soundtrack to life......

bounce back to all those times shine
so bright put tears to eyes,
enticing soulprizing so pure,
greatest lyrics, the lure,
the spirit.
voice of holy goats can ya hear it's
blinding try finding quotes sometime youll see
the truth its written in telephone booths tells of born warriors
jesters trying tobias time enough to shaynge our clothes
put on the supa suits
finally find that pirate's loot
n leave the funkin skills to boot or reboot if called for...


America The Great

Pioneers, with their gaze affixed horizon, chant behooving. "Put the pedal to the metal"- in a young man's terms so these equestrian hooves keep moving. Grass is always greener, taller, meaner where the sun be shining pined. Forgiveness is just changed perspective leaving scars for us to find.

Pioneers, with their gaze affixed horizon, treat us fair. A furrowed brow, beware mon frere, can grant you entrance to the lair. "Grieving bars" with "happy ours" halt off the Molotov Cocktail but the drunken sailor's song sounds darkened winds behind the sail.

Pioneers, with their gaze affixed horizon, stop for none. iThink therefore iAm iPod so we won't see until they're done. Never mind of all the consequence- indulge your deadly sins- and find it hard to stand as One while taking canings to the shins.

And Pioneers with their gaze affixed while cries on deaf ears fall, are sewing sequin-fitted gowns- "Hansel and Gretel" us to the ball. "Have your cake and eat it too" comes from the Sugar Czar...

... As Farrakhan asked our leader this," WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!"


paty O Furniture

stomp a snake, eat a potato, drink a Guinness, i guess..... happy st. Patrick's day all.

my radios been active...may be a multi channel meltdown.........

twice the brown rice,
miso and tamari soy sauce soup ta spice up the nights,
watch me wakame and other sea veggies,
Hokkaido pumpkin.. or somthin,
bladderwrack to combat
the radio in myodine attack
and sea salt, so listen yall..
dont eat sugar and sweets.
at least till they stop selling geigers over the counter...


ink survival man! duct tape, headlamp, knife n ish.. n shit.......

things could get japanentially worse off for us some day, seems to pay to stay prepared
n see just who dared to stare upstairs to the future?
we did,  he did, she did, clan wild man stan n stid did it 2 prevail
n spare all but the foggiest of jolly roger's details
high seas he sails under one mans flag n this bagz weighted but highly calculated
maybe juuuust a little sedated but thats beside the points
so pyrat those coins. arr stamped at the joint like license plates
live free or die, trust fate.
cuz fatal  pen crashes are few and far between.
shit look at charlie sheen might b the only one iv ever seen
dudes a machine sent to destroy himself
shit he and his elfs should take this book off the shelf
stuff might help.
maybe a jaw drop, or a long walk if your thumbing,
but i know my plumbings coming so im running this pen mans ship aground.


crawl, walk, limp, lay down.. on with forever.

same bad time, same bad place
Shoes McGuilicudie really pickin up the pace
before the subterraneousness overpowers my stink id sure like to sweat some more..
why dont we have right and left handed key boards,. consecutive tours foreign shores gettin bored, get ta boring cores ta keep my drink cold, mapping the atmos of old, n stories been told bout before we burned coal. this airs cleaner than yours so hold your breath, everyday another test of the siriusphere, place yer bets here, follow me where we go, me and my altered ego, been carvin canvas with this here stylo forever,
and then some. tend some sheep, endure shavings, they do. whu hoo!
its a hip hapocolypse! look at all the tall ships
landed but they cant reform, legs planted rootin through the storm, stickin to the norm.
you cant dys this function, i work in conjunction with the likes of the lorax and tallking. we get together n puff whatevers clever.  tallkings bleedin beats, lorax widdlin trees down to leaves, and sirius b kickin it like baba with them 40 thieves.
leavin it to the weasLe e. cuz hes all toRn up
if i had the extra cheese id be buying tallking's truck


yo ho ho to goals, and a bottle of rum, keep em within reach.....

yo ho ho to goals, lost souls, and a bottle of rum,
sirius b back ya couple o scurvy blog dogs, good to sea ya been writing the wrong!
ssinging that song mon definetly got our fluttons filled with sand as planned, jan

cant keep this beating within,
we be reachin to the heart beatin art out the pen again,
we be teachin from the start childs a part of the game and when
we be drownin find the crown an put your faith in jah
hold a paw to the sky and say...
we be!


back when everything was in black & white, how did they tell the difference btween gold & rocks? life musta been tough b4 the 50s.

if you find yourself sinkin....

if you wanna walk, you gotta forget how to crawl
if youre gonna stand real tall you gotta learn how to fall
without breaking anything.

& if you wanna fly you gotta forget how to walk
if you wanna get real high you may forget how to talk
without bumblin, bee.

& if you find yourself sinkin just breathe & point your toes
towards the sky, oxygen, trust your nose, it knows
the human body floats, i swear it aint a myth
that life jacket got holes in it, dont even take it with
itll take you down quicker than a bucket o marbles.

if youre wantin to break ground you first gotta learn to use a shovel
& if you wanna live subterraneous you first gotta move outta your hovel.
& leave all your things behind.

& if youre wantin to be a miner of earths most precious gems
all you need is some slaves & then leave it up to thems
& crack tha whip.

a bucket without rocks in it will stay above water
what else floats? a duck. sticks. chickens. an otter.
& very small rocks.

who are you, so wise in the ways of science?
im the lorax, the manipulator of word & wood
wettin lips & bustin silence.

if you wanna come original you gotta learn to use the brain
im not sayin use more than 10%, just a different portion than say shane
or brian or phil or stu.

a different 10%. dont b scared just break on through.


getchar flutton mon

ahhh headed for the deep southeast the turquoise blue carribbean
furrreallly im jealous my friend i could use some of that warm sand
id jump in the watta mon get my flutt on & sing my song
hey jump in the watta mon getchar flutt on & sing your song!

jamaica i wish i could b there today & cozumel calls me all the way
to her coral beaches & ancient ruins rainy hurricane season not for i & i
likes to light the fiya mon get my burn on & sing my song
yo light up the fiya mon get you singe on & sing that song!

holy mother earth blessed us with her herbs for medicinal healing
without her in the brick clay city my head b spinning reeling
fishes out the riva mon live strong & sing my song
see love what she provides live strong & sing your song!